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$45 bare metal - $65 powder coat finish



$55 bare metal - $75 powder coat finish


This item can be hung inside or outside. If you want to hang it outside we don’t recommend the bare metal version unless you would like the look of it rusting over time. The powder coat colored option is a durable, weather proof finish. If you want to hang it inside and you like the bare metal/rustic look, you can choose the bare metal option. If you like the bare metal look but want a layer of protection and a gloss finish – choose the clear coat option.


If you are interested in a powder coat color other than black or white please send us a message – we have a rotating stock of other available colors that we can show you samples of.


Please note that the bare metal finish varies slightly based on the sheet of steel it is cut out of – not all will look the same or exactly as the sample picture. There may be slight imperfections or color variance.  


SIZING: due to the varying shapes of letters and the lengths of names, the monograms will be sized from length or width (whichever is greater)


We can do bigger/custom sizes – please contact us if interested in a different size than what is listed.

Style #1

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